'Hangin' Out With My Baby' - Album for Holiday Shopping Season

With the start of the holiday shopping season just days away, Child Music Online Inc. has released "Hangin' Out With My Baby, " a CD whose songs celebrate the special relationship parents have with their newborns, infants and toddlers.

"Our goal was to provide parents and their babies a musical background that would enrich their new lives together, " said Rod Clemmons, the album's producer and musical arranger. "It's also a great stocking stuffer that grandparents and friends can give to new moms and dads or anyone with a very young child."

Written by performer and educator Dwayne Arvinger and sung by him and Lee Munn Arvinger, "Hangin' Out With My Baby" features songs that transform tasks such as preparing breakfast, giving a bath and even changing diapers into shared experiences in which the everyday routines of childcare become special. Featuring 13 numbers, including "The Breakfast Song, " "Time To Get Dressed, " "The Diaper Change, " "Supper Time Blues" and the title song, "Hangin' Out With My Baby, " the album celebrates the small, often magical, moments that comprise a typical day of childcare.

"'Hangin Out With My Baby' is fun, warm, heartfelt and a joy to listen to with your child, " said Dr. Olesegun Ishmael, a general practitioner in Munster, Indiana. "I particularly love 'Sleepy Time, ' it sounds like something I could hear on the radio and not a corny kids' song."

Child Music Online, a subsidiary of Verdict Entertainment, was created to provide music that would appeal to young children as well as their parents. Acknowledging the important role music plays in early childhood development, the company's original recordings are musically and lyrically engaging and designed to retain their freshness over repeated listenings. In addition to "Hangin' Out With My Baby, " other children's music from Child Music Online CDs include "Songs From My Classroom" and "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep: An Album of Classical Lullabies."

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