Hong Kong International Jazz Festival 2008 - Outdoor Concert

Local jazz musicians together with artists from Brazil, Australia, China, Norway and Japan will perform in a free "Hong Kong International Jazz Festival 2008 - Outdoor Concert" this Sunday ( November 16 ) from 2pm to 6pm featuring sensual and passionate jazz music.

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department in association with the Hong Kong Jazz Association ( HKJA ), "Hong Kong International Jazz Festival 2008 - Outdoor Concert" is one of the programmes of the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival.

The four performing jazz bands are: Saturday Night Jazz Orchestra ( Hong Kong ), Toku Quartet ( Japan ), Lawrence Ku Trio ( China/Australia/Norway ) and Joao Mascarenhas Brazilian Trio ( Brazil ).

The Saturday Night Jazz Orchestra is a traditional, 17-piece, full band based in Hong Kong since 1990. It is conducted by Taka Hirohama with Elaine Liu as resident singer. Its members are an international mix of musicians all devoted to true Big Band jazz.

The Toku Quartet is led by TOKU, a flugel horn player who is also a well known jazz singer in Japan.

The Lawrence Ku Trio comprises guitarist/composer Lawrence Ku, organist Steinar Nickelsen and drummer Nicholas McBride. Lawrence Ku is one of the most influential jazz musicians and educators in China. Steinar Nickelsen, a Norwegian, is known for his B3 organ playing in different bands and settings. He also plays other keyboards, mainly analogue synthesisers and electric piano. Nicholas McBride is originally from Canberra but moved to Sydney in 1993 to play with Sean Wayland's band "Seed". After playing in Sydney for 10 years, he moved to Shanghai in 2002. Nicholas has performed and toured with some of the best musicians in Australia, the US and China.

The Joao Mascarenhas Brazilian Trio is led by Joao Marcos Gomes Mascarenhas who is a composer, arranger, pianist and keyboardist with strong skills in jazz, pop, Latin and Brazilian musical genres.

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