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O'Leary has recorded before with pianists—on Chamber Trio with Matthew Shipp and on Closure with Uri Caine (both on Leo Records, 2005)—but the meeting with Seattle-based pianist Wayne Horvitz, that was recorded on Seattle, is completely different. Unlike the former recordings that attempted to create a resolutely modern jazz vibe, this recording, true to its title, instead attempts—and succeeds beautifully—in creating a gentle, flowing ambiance. It delivers minimalist and spare textures, in which Horvitz and the Canadian drummer Dylan van der Schyff use their instruments for color and timbral depth, and in which O'Leary's playing is contemplative and subdued.

The 15 short tracks dissolve into each other like a series of expressionist sonic miniatures, often abstract with no discernible solos or clear rhythmic patterns or melodic themes. But still they deliver rich and nuanced textures. The intimate interplay between O'Leary, Horvitz and Van Der Schyff has a true emotional impact and the coherent and patient feeling of this recording offers a unique and rewarding listening experience.
Tracks and Personnel


Tracks: Entrance; Be Careful What You Wish For; Vacant; Contextual; Vadalfjol; Beyond The Abyss; Verdant; Flux; Evolution; Cantus; If You Ask Me; New England Chronicles; Pensive; Other Room; Rubikon.

Personnel: Mark O'Leary: guitar; Dylan Van Der Schyff: drums, percussion; Wayne Horvitz: piano, prepared piano

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