W.O.A International Signs On Argentinean Virtuoso

W.O.A International proudly announces the signing of Argentinean virtuoso and multi instrumentalist Pedro Menéndez. Known as the creator of the new Avant Garde musical style in Argentina his music is a blend of Folk, Contemporary Classical and Jazz. W.O.A International is getting set to lay the stage for Pedro Menéndez to introduce India to this amazing style of music.

"I personally am a fan of Pedro Menéndez and the management is very excited about introducing Pedro to the Indian subcontinent" says Oliver Sean, President and Founder of W.O.A International, "being a company based primarily in Goa and with our culture that has a strong Latin influence we believe that Pedro Menéndez' music will be well received not just in Goa but around the country"

Pedro Menéndez is a brilliant composer and a talented multi instrumentalist that virtuously changes from the Piano to the Guitar, Winds & Bandoneon with a unique composition style mainly influenced by the rhythms of his country folk music (Tango, Candombe, Chacarera), Brazilian Bossa Nova, Jazz and Contemporary Classical Expressions.

"I consider myself a bold creator, this could possibly be the reason I have created the new Avant Garde sound in Argentina" says Pedro Menéndez whose vast discography and a long career of live performances is impressive and destined to keep growing.

The deal with W.O.A Management will see the musician touring India and the Middle East and getting his music released worldwide. With the excellent and one of a kind support system for Independent musicians that consists of W.O.A Events, W.O.A Artiste Management Group, W.O.A Records, W.O.A Publications, W.O.A Studios and W.O.A Music marketing, Pedro Menendez is destined to the music market in this region.

The coming year will see Pedro as part of a one of a kind tour that is organised by W.O.A Events called the 'W.O.A Records India Tour 2009'. Exciting times for the virtuoso and W.O.A Management ahead.

Formed in 1998 by World Music star Oliver Sean, W.O.A International is a global entertainment company that continues to lead the way when it comes to how music should be promoted. They are pioneering international music in India and Asia and are now synonymous with the region. Their enviable reputation at opening up new possibilities means that they are the go-to company for independent artists wishing a truly international presence.

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