Cynthia Felton Releases Jazz Masterpiece Afro Blue

With her beautiful voice and alluring style, it's hard to resist Cynthia Felton and her newest release, Afro Blue The Music of Oscar Brown Jr. Confident, sensual, and infectiously jazzy, Felton displays her pipe power and music knowledge thoroughly and proudly on every track. A testimonial to its namesake and full of irrepressible swing, Afro Blue goes beyond the status of a cover album and into the realm of undeniable masterpiece.

Felton doesn't wade into the tricky depths of Oscar Brown Jr.'s work alone, though. Dependable jazz legends such as saxophonist Ernie Watts and pianist Cyrus Chestnut accompany the smooth vocalist through her musical journey, adding to the versatility already present in Felton's talent. Together the ensemble delivers richness on every track, from the be-bop buzz and sass of "Mr. Kicks" to the slow, bluesy glow of "When Malindy Sings." Yet Felton is strong enough to excel on her own, too, as her voice takes center stage in the heartfelt "Strong Man." But whether she's belting it out on "Long as You're Living" or calmly crooning along in the title track, the lovely Cynthia knows how to do jazz. And after they get a taste of Afro Blue, critics and fans alike will undoubtedly agree.

In addition to being an accomplished musician, Cynthia Felton currently serves as the Artistic Director of the Ethnomusicology Library of American Heritage. She earned a Master's Degree in jazz from New York University, as well as a Doctorate in jazz from the University of Southern California. Afro Blue serves as a testament of her admiration for Oscar Brown Jr.

Visit Cynthia Felton's official website for more information, including music samples, photos, and tour dates.

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