Jay Graydon & Randy Goodrum of JaR release "Scene 29"

The highly acclaimed songwriters, hit makers, lifelong friends and colleagues--Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum--have teamed up and are now working together as the new supergroup--JaR.

At this point they are releasing their first album--Scene 29--a melodic masterpiece with songs across the board--a mixture of Pop, R&B, AC, AOR and Jazz. Two years of hard work, writing and recording new material, has resulted in an incredible set of songs with amazing melodies and outstanding playing and singing by these seasoned musicians and accomplished songwriters. The album is superbly crafted, loaded with original, sophisticated, catchy songs, with subtle harmonies and interesting melodic hooks, co-written and co-produced by Randy and Jay. The musical concept is totally new, yet slightly familiar to anyone into the Steely Dan sound, as the songs build on a similar formula with complex jazz-influenced chord structures that are pleasant to the ear with unexpected musical twists, as well as apt, fun and innovative lyrics.

As usual Jay Graydon plays his guitar with elegant and intelligent accuracy and Randy Goodrum, the piano virtuoso, with many international hits over the years, adds to the magic of JaR with his inventive solos, jazzy voicings and exciting lyrical flavors. Further, the groove is mature, featuring both cats' voices in a harmonious blend - the perfect pair of exceptional musical gifts.

The album will be released in the US at CD BABY on October 1, and will also be available to pre-order shortly via the JaR web site.

Read a recent interview with Jay Graydon & Randy Goodrum about the writing, recording and production of Scene 29.

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