Larry Garner is to Perform at Abu Dhabi Jazz Festival 2008

On Saturday, November 22nd, fans will have the opportunity to be swayed to the sounds of a great mixture of jazz virtuosos. The 3rd night of Abu Dhabi Jazz Festival will proudly feature The Baton Rouge guitarist Larry Garner, a Jazz legend who had already toured extensively overseas, with great albums to his credit Rooted in the swamp blues tradition indigenous to his Baton Rouge environs, Garner brings a laudable contemporary sensibility and witty composing skills to his craft. Larry Garner is poised for 21st-century blues stardom. This is a long awaited appearance for authentic Jazz fans.

Promoted by the most popular jazz publications as “ the real thing who can fluently scat and vocalese, the sensual Anita Wardell is to perform on the same night highlighting her clarity, improvisational skills and emotional resonance.

Abram Wilson will add up to the night being one of the most exciting trumpet players on the scene today. Wilson is an emerging talent with great potential. His great trumpet chops, thrust him into the new arena of jazz hopefuls. Jazz Warrior is a solid debut featuring a group of musicians who can play with the best of them.

As a local yet authentic spice of the night, Roni Afif Quartet will indulge the crowd with their melodic compositions and fusion style.

According to Anthony Younes, founder and organizer of the festival “the line-up of this year's Abu Dhabi Jazz Festival promises this to be a hot! hot! hot! Event and astonishing surprises to come for the next edition in 2009".

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