Jeff Healey Band Legacy: Volume I

Tom Stephen, former co-manager and drummer in the legendary Jeff Healey Band, responded today to the recent voices of fans, media and the late guitarist's family in light of the imminent release of Arbor Records Jeff Healey Band Legacy: Volume 1, a DVD compilation and two CD set featuring the late Mr. Healey and his band in their formative years.

In a
statement released today, Mr. Stephen said:
It should be clearly understood that I am not and have never been in any
litigation with Jeff Healey. To the contrary, I have always tried to be as
respectful as possible of both the Healey family and estate.
In 2005, all parties including Jeff signed contracts and transfers of all
applicable rights to these recordings. As owner of this catalog of material, I
have a legal and moral right to license this project.
Despite the fact that the estate does not have any ownership of this
material and out of respect for the family, I informed the estate of my
intention to license and release these Jeff Healey Band materials. In
addition, I offered that a portion of the profits would be set aside for the
estate - and I will honor that commitment. Should the release be successful,
the Healey estate will also profit from royalties. As a founding member, I am
proud to have been a part of the Jeff Healey Band and believe this project is
a respectful tribute to the Jeff Healey Band legacy. I invite fans and others
to judge the project by its merit and the music itself.

Tom Stephen will be available for interviews as of 10:00 a.m. Monday,
November 3.

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