McNamara is Now Luminationized

Celebrated and recognized musician Gary McNamara is now the newest member of Syracuse rock-funk band, Lumination, as he replaced Rah McCray on drums and backing vocals.

The 56 year old rocker had played with Syracuse popular music acts like Joe Whiting, Sharp Dressed Penguins and Cousin Jake; and now he is bringing twenty years of club, concert and studio experience with him to Lumination.

Gary had come in the band as Lumination is enjoying a great amount of success after the release of Luminationized version of The Cars' Moving In Stereo, now available at two music sites on the World Wide Web: GarageBand and Musolist.

Lumination is coming out with an EP as a tribute to the 80's New Wave band, The Cars, in 2009.

Lumination was formed in Syracuse, NY by Denard Drew and Derrick Whitt in 2005 but playing at various church events as a jazz-duo. Currently, the band has in the lineup Michael Payne as vocals and lead guitars, and drummer Gary McNamara.

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