Lance Reegan-Diehl Launches History of Rock Tour

Lance Reegan Diehl, international recording artist, has gathered a group of musicians to celebrate the greatest songs in rock history. The band will go on tour for six weeks of festivals starting on October 3rd and running to November 17th. The History of Rock tour with the L.R.D. Band will kickoff for US troop support October 3rd at Yongsan Post Korea.

Lance Reegan-Diehl is launching the tour with help from his sponsors Armas Midi Guitars, Band in a Box and, JamMate. Drumming on part of this tour will be Jeff Guthery - World's Fastest Drummer winner NAMM 2007. The History of Rock show will run for two hours, starting with the earliest years of rock, performing songs from the biggest names in rock history ranging from the late 1940's up into the 1980's. The show will be presented like an on stage play with the band changing costumes befitting the era they are representing, with narratives and rock trivia.

The show is being filmed for future consideration of a DVD release and television broadcasting

Lance Reegan-Diehl (L.R.D.) is a Guitarist / Composer / Producer / Clinician with eight studio albums to his credit. L.R.D. travels the world performing and running guitar clinics and is one of the most active indie artists supporting U.S. troops overseas with ongoing live dates throughout Asia and Europe.

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