Turner, Lake and Marrow Found by Gorgeous Things

Online purveyor of rare and exclusive limited edition artwork and prints, Gorgeous Things Ltd, is launching its new collection of featured artists on October 3, 2008. In contrast to the war years feel of the preceding 'Ravilious, Bawden, Power and Nash' exhibition, the new presentation is bright, vivacious and modern, featuring work by three highly contemporary women: Elizabeth Lake, Helen Turner and Anna Marrow.

The fresh collection of 15 framed works and 3D objects all new and some specially commissioned for Gorgeous Things Ltd - includes monoprints, limited edition prints, handmade silk screens and some original canvasses, and joins an illustrious assembly of almost 1, 000 artworks and prints ranging from the Pink Floyd album covers of Storm Thorgerson to the abstracts of Sir Terry Frost, and continuing to include the paintings of Eric Ravilious, Edward Bawden, Cyril Power and Paul Nash.

With a first class honours degree in surface design from the London College of Communication and a new residency at the renowned Pace Prints galleries in Manhattan, Liz Lake builds on her background in traditional print to create furniture, one-off wall hangings and semi sculptural pieces from found objects. She combines her assembled materials with illustration and print to place bold imagery, pattern and colour in a detailed, almost draughtsman-like setting: playful yet sophisticated designs challenging and questioning the everyday sights that surround us. The Gorgeous Things collection includes original paintings, limited edition prints and original objects.

Helen Turner studied in both Canterbury and Cyprus during the 1980s and, in recent years, has exhibited at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, the Rochester Art Gallery and Trinity Arts Centre, Tunbridge Wells. and the HQ Gallery in Lewes, as well as in Amsterdam. In 2006, she was 'Artist of the Day' at Flowers Central, Cork Street, London. Passionate, imaginative, humorous and known to exhibit under the moniker "Glitter Bunny", Helen works in a wide variety of materials, from gloss paint to large knitted forms, glitter and other found materials. The brave, striking and sometimes almost childlike result belies an intentional sub-text of deliberation and depth, with works often built up layer by layer over time and distilled into a whole that is far from sugary and surprisingly honest.

An illustrator, painter and screen printer who studied at both Bristol and St Martin's in London, and with former works commissioned by Heal's, Selfridges and the BBC, Anna Marrow works mainly with silkscreen, enjoying an almost limitless layering of bold colour, delicate drawn lines, scraps of text and photographic images. She tries to capture the chaos and diversity of modern urban living and, under titles such as 'Candy Floss and Slush Puppies', most recently has focused on ideas about the accelerated pace of our lives, the random messages and commands with which we are bombarded, and the characters and creatures we encounter daily. The Jazz Series featured by Gorgeous Things Ltd stems from her days in London and nights in London's jazz scene.

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