Lou Cowell Releases Her Debut Album Ium

Lou Cowell's songs are clear moments of tranquillity in our increasingly emotional and stressful lives. Her soothing voice, warm piano melodies and desperately honest lyrics correlate both perfectly and beautifully together- providing a previously exclusive insight into Cowell's unique creations, deeply personal thoughts and unspoken observations in which many can relate to.

Having regarded her songs as nothing other than her diary in the past, Cowell was surprised to find a number of producers more than willing to get involved with her music. These include Massive Attack's Neil Davidge, Joni Mitchell's Phill Brown and renowned production duo Bacon & Quarmby. After a series of recording sessions and a few intimate concerts around London, Cowell was discovered and promptly signed to Chrysalis Music Publishing.

Cowell has been writing songs since she can remember and despite some personal challenges, was overjoyed when her masterpiece, 'A Good Day' was chosen to be translated and released into the French music charts -performed by Pop Idol star Emmanuel Moire who achieved massive success with it. After years of perfecting her sound and repertoire, Cowell is now ready to release her own album. 'Ium' is full of emotion, truth and despair playing like a personal journal of Cowell's most intimate thoughts. Cowell doesn't intentionally write music to please other people- her music serves as a personal escape pod. It just so happens that the music she creates for herself is so beautiful others can't help but admire it.

Akashic Records' manager John Bromage states, "Lou's songs are just so heart-warming and lyrically bold they feel like they're reaching out and hugging you. We're all as pleased as she is about finally sharing her collection with the public, and we know the dedicated fans of Lou will be pleased the mastered songs are now available to purchase."

Lou Cowell's music video for 'Still Around' and a video preview of the hugely-anticipated album 'Ium' have recently been uploaded onto Youtube with a top secret cult-like animated video to 'Just Like Me' to come soon.

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