Bireli Lagrene's New Album

Electric Side, the new album by guitar great Birli Lagrne, finds the artist reconnecting with his jazz/rock persona, in the spirit of his 1980's collaborations with Jaco Pastorius. The sound is an exciting and unique update on contemporary jazz sounds, featuring wonderful new Birli Lagrne compositions, and an incredible cover of Herbie Hancock's “Jack Rabbit." For the recording, Birli has recruited bassist Hadrien Feraud, the “young Jaco" (John McLaughlin) and winner of 2008 DownBeat Critics' Poll (Rising Star, Electric Bass). Also with him are Franck Wolf from the Gipsy Project on saxophones; also Andy Narell on the steelpans, Damien Schmitt on drums, and some sample touches by DJ Afro Cut-Nanga.

Electric Side is a thrilling look at Birli's plugged-in persona', a fusion/jazz/prog delight that will appeal to fans of Birli, Jaco, McLaughlin, Steely Dan, Weather Report, King Crimson, Zappa, and so forth.

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