Never Before Available Hendrix and the Ghetto Fighters Material to Be Unveiled

After almost four decades away from the public, the never before heard or seen multimedia material produced by Jimi Hendrix and the Ghetto Fighters is being released and licensed through a subsidiary of the we-R-you Corporation, the technology, software and multimedia company. The previously unreleased material was produced by Jimi Hendrix, Arthur Allen and Albert Allen aka TaharQa Aleem and Tunde Ra Aleem, the 3 principals of Jimi Hendrix and the Ghetto Fighters, and will be made available globally through a wholly owned subsidiary of the we-R-you Corporation formed with the Aleem Brothers to bring these projects to market. The Aleems and Jimi Hendrix made up the members of the group and are the originators of the material. The Aleems (who are identical twins) first met and began working with Jimi Hendrix in the mid 1960s and together recorded three Hendrix albums, "Cry of Love, " "Rainbow Bridge" and "War Heroes."

The newly available material includes previously unheard recordings, a feature length movie script, an autobiography, a series of animated short stories for TV and the web, and drawings by Hendrix of himself as an illustrated character, which in today's virtual reality world would be known as an avatar. "Jimi was a true visionary, " according to TaharQa Aleem, "whose creativity went far beyond music. He saw the future and while he may not have understood computers or known about digital technology and virtual worlds, he knew that things like this were coming and created material that would work in that world." Added brother Tunde Ra, "Jimi might not have known what an avatar was, but he foresaw a day when we would all have representations of ourselves that could move in different worlds. When you see his original sketches of himself and create a real avatar out of them using today's technology, the result is amazing." The Ghetto fighters were formed in 1970 by Jimi and the Aleem Brothers to explore new projects that would go beyond the work Jimi had been doing and expand the sounds he was working with. "The music and material sounds brand new, " according to TaharQa, "and for all intents and purposes it is. It'll surprise and delight current fans and new ones to come."

"The material will be released in segments, " according to Allen LeWinter, Chief Branding and Marketing Officer of we-R-you, who is heading up the project. "It's like finding more treasure than you could have imagined and realizing that each element needs to be released in its own time and way, " continued LeWinter. "The Aleems are incredibly talented and incredibly protective at the same time and want to ensure that this is done just right for the legacy of Jimi Hendrix and The Ghetto Fighters." The Aleems and all the rights were first brought to we-R-you through the efforts of Spydo Mobile and its principal, Duane "Spyder" Hughes. Spyder recognized the changing face of the entertainment business and brought the Aleems to we-R-you for an "all in one deal."

Tunde Ra and TaharQa Aleem began their careers working with the greats of rhythm & blues such as Sam Cook, Sam & Dave, Otis Redding, Big Maybelle, Bobby Womack, Clarence "Blowfly" Reid and many others. Learning the inner workings of the music industry through their association with Harlem legend Fat Jack Taylor, owner of the independent label Ro-Jack Records, TaharQa and Tunde Ra would later establish the famous Harlem World club with Taylor, which proved to be a spawning ground for a large number of pioneer rap acts. While working with Ro-Jack Records, the Aleems first met Jimi Hendrix while Jimi was still a sideman playing and touring with Little Richard, the Isley Brothers and others. Soon after, Jimi, TaharQa and Tunde Ra shared an apartment in Manhattan's Park West Village and formed a bond which would indelibly shape the brothers' as well as Jimi's life and career.

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