Eddie Benitez: Angels on Eddie's Stage Best Reality Show Ever

by MaryEllen O'Brien, publicist.

No Illusion: There's drama, sensuous guitar playing and mystique in an Eddie Benitez concert, but there's no magic act, no illusions. The special effect geniuses at George Lucas' Dreamworks Studios couldn't conjure this if we asked. Angel sightings at Eddie Benitez concerts are the real thing. What makes me say that? Experience. I'm MaryEllen O'Brien, and I am Eddie's writer for his upcoming autobiography, Angels on My Stage. I've been interviewing Eddie for several months, gathering together his extraordinary life story—replete with angels, spirits and miraculous healings—as well as astonishing musical talent that put Eddie on stage at Madison Square Garden at the tender age of 14 and had him earning gold records at 15. Along the way, I've encountered angels with Eddie myself, and one very significant angel in particular. I've had conversations with angels and proofs demonstrated. I began with a journalist's and biographer's eye toward getting at the truth, and I became convinced of the truth of Eddie's stories and the sightings of angels on his stage by my own encounters with Eddie's angelic beings. Much more will be revealed in the book. But let's get back to the stage, because Eddie's tour in support of his new CD, Lovers Never Say Goodbye, is about to begin.

Onstage: Surprised concert goers first reported seeing angels sharing the stage with Eddie a few years ago at a private corporate show in Phoenix. Some fainted. Some experienced healings. Many were astonished. No one expected it, and Eddie was at first unaware of what was happening because he was fully focused on his performance while the angels he's long privately seen and conversed with were allowing themselves to be seen by many in the crowd. No one was more surprised than Eddie at their first public appearance. This inspired the name of his concert series and Eddie fully expects that concert goers who have faith and spirituality alive in their hearts will be seeing angels on his stage in the months to come.

Yes, Eddie has been keeping company with angels all his life, but their appearance on that Phoenix stage marked the beginning of a new era in Eddie's journey of music and spirituality. Check Eddie's website for concert dates and be a part of the New Spiritual Revolution—Eddie Benitez taking smooth jazz and world music to a new level—inspired by angels. And who knows, you just may be touched by an angel during his uplifting performance too!

Eddie is now also in demand to give talks about music and spirituality.

Eddie Benitez—Lovers Never Say Goodbye—distributed by RYKO and Virgin Records 2.

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