Atlanta Jazz Man Releases Smooth Latin Jazz CD

Cliff deMarks, Atlanta's well-known jazz artist and 1/2 of Atlanta's Showtyme Jazz Duo, announced the release of his latest CD, Golden, this past week during the Aspen Art Show in Aspen, Colorado. With this release, he ventures into the Latin side of the smooth jazz genre.

When he was asked to describe the new CD, he said "Latin purists might not find it to their liking, but for lovers of smooth, it'll be just spicy enough."

Cliff is a very prolific jazz artist. Along with his wife Sei, he has released over 40 CD's under their indie label, deMarks Music. He laughingly describes himself as a "cottage industry music label."

He told us he felt some urgency to get Golden released cause he'd been working on it for over a year and needed to let it go, so that he could now concentrate on his new smooth jazz CD, "Do You Play?" He said he will be finishing up Do You Play? as soon as he can free up some time to get into the studio.

According to Cliff, Golden has been well-received and is selling well. He said he anticipates that this CD will fill a niche for the boutiques, gift shops and hospital gift shops that resell his music. He said it appeals to the same fans who love his smooth jazz.

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