Highroad No. 28- Second Album

Highroad No. 28 will release their second album, "Stumbling To Divinity", on Thursday, August 14th, 2008. The album, which was written, refined and mixed well over a year long period, represents a significant departure from the bands prior releases- their debut album "Unsteady and Steady state" 2005) and their two EP's, "Obscure Madness" and "Dynamic Introspection" released in 1999 and 2002 respectively .

The CD will be available international-wide, both on-line and through record outlets.

After the album's release the band will make a return to the live scene, and embark on a national tour. Furthermore, 2009 will see the band tour overseas for the very first time.

November 2008 will see the band celebrate 10 years of existence, for which special shows have been planned.

A new interview with the band will be posted shortly, along with dates for the upcoming shows.

Formed in Late 2008, Highroad No. 28 have slowly, but surely, built themselves into a cogent outfit. They play an eclectic style of rock, replete with electronica elements, and lyrical themes which focus on 'totality'. August 14, 2008 will see the band release their second album, "Stumbling To Divinity"...

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