Laurel Zucker Flute Masterclass DVD Series

Laurel Zucker has released four new educational flute masterclass DVDS which allow the viewer to learn how to make meaningful and technically excellent performances of well-known flute compositions. Flute students perform for Laurel Zucker and then receive detailed instruction on their performance.

Flutists of any age living anywhere in the world: U.S.A., Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, will be very interested in viewing the new flute masterclass DVD Series product from Laurel Zucker.

These four innovative DVDS provide an excellent service to flute students and professional flute educators by making available inexpensive flute masterclass DVDS taught by master flautist, Laurel Zucker. There are four DVDS presently available offering detailed musical instruction to very talented college-age flute students of well-known flute repertoire: DVD No. 1 includes Claude Debussy's Syrinx for flute and the Sigfrid Karg-Elert Caprice No. 1 for flute; DVD No. 2 includes the entire J.S. Bach Partita in A minor for flute. DVD No. 3 includes Telemann Fantasie no. 2 and Karg-Elert's Caprices No. 2-6. DVD no. 4 includes the entire Ernest Bloch Suite Modale for flute and piano. During 2008 ten more flute DVDS will be released: Paul Hindemith Sonata, Katherine Hoover's Kokopeli; Serge Prokofiev sonata, Francis Poulenc Sonata, The J.S. Bach sonatas and the G.F. Handel Sonatas. Also a masterclass on Marcel Moyses De la Sonorite Book and Flute Music by French Composers Book will be offered. On each DVD the viewer has the exciting personal experience of listening and observing each of the flute student's performance becoming much stronger through the suggestions of virtuoso flautist, Laurel Zucker.

If the reader goes to Laurel Zucker's masterclass website one can listen to the music from Ibert's Entracte and then view a short video of Laurel Zucker describing the nature of the DVDS on the HomePage. On the Home page one can also view Laurel Zucker's concert schedule and biography. The News and Reviews Section of the website offers four jazz standards for free listening by an active jazz quartet that Ms. Zucker performs in, The Third Floor Jazz Club (flute, piano, bass, percussion). On Laurel's Blog the reader may recommend any piece he/she wishes to purchase as a flute masterclass DVD, and Laurel Zucker promises to release a educational DVD based on the request. Also helpful and detailed articles on Flute Tone Development, Technical Flute Development, How to Enjoy Music Theory, DVD Suggestions are several of the topics that Laurel Zucker writes about on her Blog at this point in time.

If its reviews the reader is interested in viewing then you have come to the right place: there are many very recent 2008 reviews as well as older reviews. Each educational Flute Masterclass DVD is offered at a reasonable price of $31.99, which makes the act of attending a masterclass as an auditor an extremely easeful event. With airline travel becoming increasingly more expensive and difficult this helpful DVD Masterclass Series is a consumer-friendly product.

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