Newcastle Jazz Festival NSW Australia

The Newcastle Jazz Festival will be held at the Town Hall at Newcastle NSW on the 30th, 31st August and 1st September. Notably, Viva the band will be appearing for their fourth time at the Festival along with a superb line up of bands and artists such as:

Lee Gunness, Paul Griffith Orchestra and Quintet, Cary Bennett and Swingout, Hendo's Early Roots, Dan & Howler Strictly Swingin', Trevor Furner Unsafe Sax, Daryl Aberhart Trio, Ben Jones Quartet, Sally Street Trio, Geoff Bull's Olympia Jazz Band, Al Davey's Monstars, Dr.Don's, Double Dose, Boots'n' all Jazz Band, Diannia Heather Tribute to Bessie Smith, Jugalug String Band, Bob Malone (USA), Stephan Schafer Quartet, Viva the band (cabaret), Jeremy Borthwick Quartet, Howlers Cotton Club, New Orleans Ramblers, Short 'n. Horny, Bob Barnard Quartet, Sweeny (Irish), State Summit, Monique Lysiak, Dave Longo Quartet,appearing as local youth guests will be the Gosford High School Band.

Viva the band has worked Internationally and extensively through Australia. The band members have performed throughout Sth. Vietnam, Thailand, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Guam and Japan. Viva the band represented Australia with television and live performances at the Tainan International Chihsi Arts Festival in Taiwan in 2004. and the Kenting Song Festival in 2005

Viva the band is unique in Sydney and popular at Jazz festivals as it contains a line up of: Two vocalists, Musette accordion/ Bass, Flute, Spanish guitar, congas, percussion and drums. The feature vocalist is Gerri Santos who is supported by her partner Jose Santos who harmonizes some Spanish and salsa songs. The band produces a distinct continental or “hot club" sound and they delight their audiences wherever they perform with their selection of Gypsy jazz, Swing, Salsa, French, Spanish, Stunning Show tunes and Cabaret songs.

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