Terry "Harmonica" Bean Featured in Delta Magazine

Terry "Harmonica" Bean, a Blues Man in Mississippi, was recently profiled in Delta Magazine. The bi-monthly magazine is the premier regional lifestyle publication in the area and features articles on the homes, food, art, music, history, local icons and shopping of the North Mississippi area.

The article titled "Terry 'Harmonica' Bean: Born to Play the Blues" explains the life of Bean and how he found a love for blues music. Bean was born a blues man and always had an interest in the genre of music. His father played the guitar and sang and he picked up pointers from him and other blues musicians.

When Bean isn't playing the blues at local events and concerts, he spends his days working at a furniture manufacturing company. He was also an avid baseball player and would have been drafted by the Major Leagues, if he hadn't hurt himself in a motorcycle accident.

"In the past couple of years, Bean's blues has taken him coast-to-coast and even overseas to countries like England and Italy, " wrote Delta Magazine writer Roger Stolle. "Closer to home, Bean regularly performs at Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale. He's also a regular at the area's Juke Joint Festival and Sunflower River Blues Festival."

About Terry "Harmonica" Bean:

Terry "Harmonica" Bean has shown an interest in blues music since an early age. His father was a guitar player and singer and also played with B.B. King. Bean regularly performs at Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale and plays at the Juke Joint Festival and Sunflower River Blues Festival.

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