The Captain Wolf Band to Perform at the Hard Rock Cafe

On Saturday July 26th, 2008 beginning at 8:00 p.m. The Captain Wolf Band will be performing at the Hard Rock Cafe, located at 22-24 Clinton Street in Boston, MA. 02109. The Captain Wolf Music Production's show will include the legendary blues artist James Montgomery, and the distinguished Mr. Fred Buda and his Jazz Pops All Stars. The show will showcase original songs written by Captain F.J. Nicoll to include Summer is Coming, Will I Be The One, and Way Too Easy.

Captain Nicoll, a graduate of The Massachusetts Maritime Academy, does most of his song writing while at sea. He has had several of his songs recorded by Emmy Award winner Brad Hatfield, and Gerry Mordis of The Boston Pops. He is thrilled about the upcoming show and the talent that will be showcasing his songs.

"Kim Hill, along with Berklee School of Music students, Jessica Mellot, Brooke Villyani, and Sarah Tollerson will be doing vocals. They are great young talents. James Montgomery certainly needs no introduction to blues fans. Fred Buda and his Jazz Pop All Stars are all veterans of The Boston Pops. I am honored that we have the opportunity to work with such gifted performers, " says Nicoll.

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