Rockabilly Blues At Grand Theatre

The supremely gifted singer, songwriter, musician and performer Martin Stephenson rocks into Blackpool's Grand Theatre on Friday 1st August for Studio Blues 2008.

Martin was born in County Durham in 1961. In the 1980s he found considerable fame and critical acclaim with his band The Daintees and they released the marvellous debut album Boat To Bolivia in 1985. However, when the band split in 1992, Stephenson's disenchantment with major label politics led him to sever ties with the mainstream industry completely.

Stephenson retreated to the Highlands in the late '90s but remains as industrious and prolific a talent as ever. His love of American roots music led him to play sizzling swing and rockabilly with his other band The Toe-Rags and sell-out solo shows up and down the country. -

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