Ty Showers to Release New Album Every Month Beginning August 1

While he's not new to music making, new artist Ty Showers is new to the mainstream music scene. Showers, who has composed and recorded thousands of original songs over the years, is sharing his talent with the world by releasing a new album every month beginning August 1 until his musical catalog is empty.

Showers' self-described eclectic and assorted style of music is consistently influenced by different categories of sound and various types of music. As a Jazz pianist inspired by Jean Luc Ponty and Chick Corea, Showers adds his own soulful sound to the Jazz/Rock genre mixing R&B and Intense Jazz. And since he has been creating music for more than 25 years, Showers' personal vault contains enough music to distribute a new release every month for many years, beginning with the new album "Making Music."

I Tried So Hard For You
The six-song album "Making Music" contains the tracks "Ridin' High, " "Jazz I Think, " "Damn!, " "Need for This, " "Kansas City Grapes, " and "I Tried So Hard For You" and will be available for download beginning August 1 via iTunes and

Until now, only Showers' close friends and immediate family had heard his work. "This led me to create a discography to share with the world in hopes that an appreciation for my passion for music will be felt, " he says. Because he cannot necessarily classify his musical genre, Showers hopes that a new category will emerge as a result of his musical offerings.

Showers has already composed the 13 albums to be released monthly and listeners can follow the distribution and downloading schedule online at Amazon. The first three collections are titled "Making Music, " "Wall" and "Showers, " and each album will become available on the first of every month from August 2008 until the collection is exhausted (about 12 years).

To learn more about Ty Showers or to hear his music in full, please visit,, facebook, imeem, reverbnation or myspace. Downloads are available at Amazon and iTunes.

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