Lefty Williams Discusses CD Release of “Snake Oil” on YourFindit

Blues rock musician Lefty Williams of the Lefty Williams Band continued his press push for his latest album "Snake Oil" with his recent audio interview conducted on YourFindit.

The critically acclaimed guitarist has received rave reviews for his playing style, being called the next great Georgia guitarist, falling in line with a tradition that includes Duane Allman and Robert Cray.

Williams, a self-proclaimed blues-rock, jazz-fusion musician, talked about the influence his father had on his music career and the support he had from his family to chase his dream of becoming a successful musician.

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Having started off learning the songs of Jimi Hendrix as a child Williams went through the evolution of classic rock to heavy rock influences like Led Zeppelin and into a Miles Davis blues/funky jazz style which has landed him where he is at today, one of the most talked about guitarists in GA.

Williams will be holding his CD release party for "Snake Oil" at Smiths Olde Bar in Atlanta on July 11 and will follow that with a run of shows in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

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