Amelia Releases Atmospheric Folk Roots Album

Hailing from the great Northwest, Amelia, the band, not a person, is ready to fill your head with a rich pageant of musical tapestries and atmospheres on their new release A Long, Lovely List of Repairs, on the Adrenaline imprint.

Even though the band knew how people would interpret their name, the lead singer Teisha Helgerson commented, "We thought about how it sounded rolling off the tongue, how it looked on the page, and how it would represent our music." That kind of go-for-it-anyway attitude typifies their musical approach and their ever-widening appeal with their audience.

A Long, Lovely List of Repairs features Tiesha's dreamy vocals along with her contributions on drums and the rest of the musical montage is created by core members Jesse Emerson (upright bass, electric bass, acoustic, piano, percussion, autoharp) and Scott Weddle (acoustic & electric guitars, electric bass, vocals, bass harmonica, glockenspiel, marxaphone, percussion, loops). Noted are the many instruments that the three members combined play and how it enables their music to be just as complex and emotive because of their strong versatility. The music is a mature mixture of folk and roots with reflective lyrics and thoughtful expressions. Rather than lulling you to sleep, Amelia's music will disarm you and pull you in like a magnet and will not let go.

A Long, Lovely List of Repairs offers memorable tracks such as "Eyesore", "The End" and the closer "Here We Are." With their strong roots based in Portland Oregon, the band has realized tremendous success on the West Coast and with an impending tour this year is a sure bet to expand their fan base nationwide.

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