Melba Joyce:"Jammin' on the Hudson"

Riverbank State Park in association with Brownstone Entertainment Complex, LLC, are pleased to present, for our fourth year: “Jammin' on the Hudson"; “The Concert series For The Serious Jazz Lover". On Sunday July 13 2008, music 'listeners' and Jazz Lovers alike will have the privilege of hearing a very special vocalist who, in my estimation, has yet to receive the major recognition she deserves, but nevertheless, she is one of the great vocalists on the music scene today. For the past five years or more she has toured the World with the 'Count Basie' Band, and received much praise and recognition in Europe. She has a very talented daughter, who also worked with The Basie Band; her Father is the famous Trumpeter Bobby Bradford. This very gifted lady has also 'crossed-over' onto the Broadway Stage, where she performed the triple task of understudying all three leading ladies in the hit Show “Black and Blue". Originally from Texas, and having spent a number of years in California, she finally made it to the Big Apple, and has not looked back since. Her most recent release is entitled “Live In London". This very special 'singers singer' is a one-of-a-kind talent, whom we are very pleased to present;Ms. Melba Joyce and her trio.

The entrance to Riverbank State Park is located at 679 Riverside Drive, at 145th St.
Concerts are outdoors, on The “Mainstage" overlooking The Hudson River, and are Free!
Even if it rains, the Concerts will still be held-- indoors in an Auditorium.
Performances in July will begin at 6:00 PM and run until 8:00 PM.

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