Dubai International Jazz Festival

Chillout Productions, founders and organizers of the annual Dubai International Jazz Festival won the 2008 Middle East Event Award for the Best Public Entertainment Event in The Middle East.

As part of the Event 360, the awards presentation took place on April 27th, 2008 at a Gala lunch at the Al Multaqua Ballroom at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre with the presence of a wide spectrum of the entertainment industry professionals.

Judged by an independent panel, made-up of internationally recognised and respected judges from a variety of industry sectors, the awards contained 16 different categories invited from event firms, owners and organizers. Nominated events for the same category were "Desert Rock Festival" organized by Center Stage Management, and "Roger Waters Concert" organized by Talent Brokers.

Anthony Younes, managing director for Chillout Productions said: "We've worked hard on the 6th edition of the festival, and we were keen to extend the festival days to 10 consecutive days running across the city giving a greater opportunity to our audience to enjoy more and more performances, and yet the biggest merits would go to all our sponsors, supporters, fans and friends of the festival, and all our media partners who are an essential factor in each success we achieve."

After gaining the What's On awards in 2006 & 2007, here comes an additional appreciation from the community and an international recognition for the most popular festival in the region for which the 2009 dates are to be announced shortly. Stay tuned!

Chillout Productions, founders, and organizers of the Dubai International Jazz Festival won "What's On" award for "The Best Festival" for two consecutive years 2006 & 2007 as well as the award for the Best Public Entertainment Event in the Middle East in 2008.

Dubai International Jazz Festival has grown and became an annual entertainment icon in the UAE and the whole region, drawing fans from all across the UAE, GCC and around the world. Attendance in 2006 topped 21, 500, and 25, 000 in 2007 and 28, 500 music lovers for the 2008 edition throughout 10 days.

Each year, the Festival presents more than 120 artists featuring a diverse and international lineup of legendary Grammy award-winning artists and critically acclaimed jazz and contemporary groups.

Skywards Dubai International Jazz Festival showcases an incredibly diverse array of music styles to gratify the different tastes of large audiences, featuring 12 internationally recognized recording artists and legends of Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, reggae, ethnic, gospel and Latin Music over a period of three consecutive nights.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the Dubai International Jazz Festival is the audience: undoubtedly the classiest crowd of any musical event in our city with more CEOs, Chairmen, MDs and GMs per square foot than any business district in town.

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