Mega TV Launches "La Descarga Con Albita"

Spanish Broadcasting System and Mega TV announced today the launch of "La Descarga con Albita", a live and unplugged musical show hosted by Albita, the famous Cuban singer and Grammy winner. "La Descarga" is a show where musicians can freely express themselves through live, unrehearsed musical performances that are similar to the famous "jam sessions" in New Orleans that eventually gave rise to jazz. In Cuba, Israel "Cachao" Lopez was considered the pioneer who used "La Descarga" to lay the roots for Latin American jazz. "La Descarga" is the true expression of musical freedom and an enjoyable experience for musicians and listeners alike.

The nature of "La Descarga" is also a perfect match with Albita, the Cuban singer, arranger, composer and musical producer whose style reflects that of these jam sessions. On the show, amateur musicians will be given the opportunity to show the audience their talents. During the segment titled "My First Single, " musical guests can debut new songs and make their very first recording that will be broadcasted across all SBS radio stations. For many of these musicians, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to give their music careers the jump start they've been looking for.

Albita will also give viewers the chance to get to know her personally through segments that feature the counsel and advice of her mother, Mima - a name that is familiar to millions of Cubans who know her from when she performed alongside to Pipo, Albita's father who recently passed away. Together, they appeared on Cuban television programs such as "Palms and Canes." "The Counsels of Mima" will be the kingdom of the Cuban Guajiro on the new show. During this segment, Mima will read letters from viewers and answer their questions by singing the responses. Those who send in questions to Mima, however, are gently warmed that she is always honest with her responses.

As she grew up in a home that was always filled with music and tradition, Albita began her musical career at a very early age. From the start, she wanted to be abel to contribute to the revival of traditional Cuban music by writing and singing according to her own personal style and enthusiasm. She is truly a versatile artist who is a charismatic woman with a beautiful and moving voice.

Do not miss "La Descarga con Albita, " a show guaranteed to make you dance and shake away the boredom of Sunday nights, starting April 27 at 8:00 PM ET on Mega TV Channel 22, DIRECTV M�s Channel 405 and DIRECTV Puerto Rico Channel 169.

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