Dennis Logan's "S.O.S."

S.O.S., usually considered a signal for distress or a cry for help, has been thematically redefined, as the release of Dennis Logan's new passion-packed album "S.O.S." proves to be much more of an offer to inspire. Few record releases are met with as much anticipation, excitement and genuine need as the new album from Nashville-based singer songwriter.

S.O.S. (Shades Of Sorrow), his first full-length record after years of writing, producing and collaborating with the likes of Larry Lind (credited for many of Bob Dylan's early lyrics), Ricky Lewis (currently playing alongside Logan) and "some of the best session players on the planet, " S.O.S. has the drive of classic rock and roll/blues, fused with a serious message to America.

The single from the record (due out this month!) The Whole Thing Is Going Down - while self explanatory - also provides an alarming sounding board for any listener who hears revolution in the air! The Dennis Logan Band will unleash S.O.S. live on tour this summer.

Logan elected to profit from musical prophet engineer Michael Wagener, who has produced and mixed platinum-selling albums by Mötley Crüe, Great White, Stryper, Poison, Keel, Alice Cooper and Janet Jackson, as well as multi platinum albums with Ozzy Osbourne, Dokken, Metallica, and Skid Row. Finally, the accomplished Paul Lani added his intuitive ear and talents to the final mix, helping to nail down what is sure to be known as the Dennis Logan Sound.

With all irons in the fire, having recently secured management with the venerable Eileen Koch & Company (EKC's reignited 310 Talent Management) and signed to a prominent record label, Logan also has his pickin' fingers in the fabric of the Reality TV scene, with a promising project "57" NOW or NEVER. Yet another road upon which dangerous Dennis dares to travel - another opportunity to connect!

A voice for and of the American everyman, Logan has the sound of a man who has lived; a beatnik and a brawler, but equal parts gentleman (as his heartfelt voice and adept guitar playing attests), S.O.S. is both a banner of hope and a wake up call to America, an intrinsic theme that is carefully interwoven and streams throughout this catchy, melodic, raw, intensely personal and deeply political album.

There's an unmistakable quality about S.O.S. that is most unnerving & unsettling, but a message desperately worth hearing. It stays with you long after its finished playing - few modern records can boast as much.

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