Toots has a HIT on MySpace, MySpace becomes TootsSpace!

Almost a quarter billion people participate on the worldwide MySpace-community. Toots' MySpace is online since only six months on the worlds largest internet community and was already visited more than 55 thousand (!) times. Regularly new(s) items are added to keep the site interesting. Of course the official website stays online for concert dates and other items.

Music lovers from all over the world submitted already more than 5, 000 (!) spontaneous MySpace requests. Toots is digitally connected to cyberspace since years and he is very happy with all the positive comments he receives on his new MySpace. "This kind of communication with fans and friends is heart warming". The three - exclusive for this site - featured live recordings were played almost 30, 000 (!) times. During recent tours in Brasil, USA, Portugal and Spain many MySpacers came by to meet Toots and it's great to see how much this community gets active.

A lot of new stuff will be uploaded on Toots' MySpace the next period and we'll try to do something special for his 86th birthday on April 29, 2008... Toots likes to thank all his MySpace friends for their visit and support!

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