Drew Davidsen wins jazz artist of the year

Indie Heaven is proud to announce Drew Davidsen as, "Jazz Artist of the Year!" Indie Heaven president, Keith Mohr states, "as the music industry continues to change and more and more artists are either staying independent or going back to their independent roots, it is important to recognize the pursuit of excellence in this growing indiestry. The basis for the Momentum Awards is not competition, but comrades applauding and encouraging one another to create momentum in their music missions. We teach indies that momentum is paramount to success as an independent artist."

Drew Davidsen has shared the stage with many jazz legends including, Gerald Veasley, Nick Colionne, and Steve Oliver, to name a few. In 2007, Drew Davidsen released his long awaited debut smooth jazz guitar CD, "This Journey..." Known as, "Baltimore's Best Kept Secret!" Drew Davidsen is a man on a mission. His new CD, "This Journey..." is gaining national attention and recognition from both fans and smooth jazz artists around the Globe. Three tracks are currently streaming on Clear Channel radio. "Straight Up", "Nylon Rain", and sax rich, "Take it to the MaXX", (number 40 on the Adult Chart with over 2, 000 spins.) These are just a few of the many reasons Drew Davidsen was awarded a Momentum Award for, "Jazz Artist of the Year." Drew is an awesome example to Indies all around the world.

Based in Lutherville, MD. Drew Davidsen is a Baltimore native and has been recording and performing music for over 25 years. His passion started in the 3rd grade when he first picked up the cello. After a few years went by Drew would move to electric bass, and finally land on jazz guitar. Drew Davidsen has played guitar in many different groups including Notlaw Recording Artists, "The Richard Walton Group." This is the band where Drew Davidsen first began to explore his passion for smooth jazz. Drew Davidsen has many fond memories of that group. Drew Davidsen's style is a mix of smooth jazz, pop, and funk. His music fits any occasion and is perfect to listen to every day. Drew Davidsen rules the fret board as he creates this amazing melodic sound that incorporates smooth lines and catchy hooks.

Drew Davidsen's father, Hopkins Astrophysicist Arthur F. Davidsen was a huge influence on Drew's playing. Drew Davidsen's Father loved jazz and blues. Drew says, "My Dad and I would often listen to records from, Joe Pass, Ray Charles, and BB King, to name a few. We saw so many great shows together." Soon after high school, Drew Davidsen left for the Navy where he would do a tour of Desert Storm on the USS John Hancock DD-981. It was here where Drew found a new purpose for his life, and a deeper love for jazz. This led to a passing of the torch from a father to a son. It would now be up to Drew Davidsen to take it to a new level. A challenge he was ready for and has risen too.

Please celebrate with us as we announce Drew Davidsen, "Jazz Artist of the Year!" For more information, pictures, or to schedule an interview contact Drew Davidsen 443-629-4501

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