Curved Air Reunite for Summer Tour

The pioneering music group Curved Air is reuniting for a tour in 2008. A series of concerts have been arranged from June and include the Isle of Wight Festival on Friday, June 13. The lineup sees iconic vocalist Sonja Kristina teaming up again with other founding members Darryl Way and Florian Pilkington Miksa.

Curved Air, originally formed in 1969, was a groundbreaking progressive art-rock band renowned for the showmanship of individual musicians. Each member pushed the boundaries of possibilities for rock music performance; Darryl Way, with his flamboyant virtuoso exploration of electric violin, Francis Monkman's brilliant innovative sound manipulation of synthesizers and fiery intricate guitar playing, and Florian's expressive approach to rock drumming. Vocalist Sonja Kristina won the hearts of a generation of music lovers and was voted top British Female Vocalist of the 70's. Three 'top twenty' albums that this lineup released are generally regarded as classics, with “Back Street Luv" reaching the 'top ten' singles chart.

Of the reunion, Darryl said, “I'm very excited to be performing again with Sonja and Florian and looking forward to meeting faithful fans and maybe creating some new ones along the way."

As for future plans, he continued, “Curved Air in the early 70s was very much at the cutting edge of new technologies for the production of music, with its use of synths and sequencers. Since that time, music technology has developed and matured in almost unimaginable ways; it should be really exciting and great fun to come back after all these years and have so many new toys to play with."

Sonja Kristina, who is currently recording and performing with composer Marvin Ayres as MASK, ( is honored to re-unite with her Curved Air band mates to celebrate the legend and legacy of their unique sound and times. A new Curved Air CD produced by Darryl Way will be released in June 2008 including fresh recordings of classic and new tracks. Also, plans to tour Japan in the autumn are currently in the works.

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