Bassist Joseph Martin Sets off My Jazzy Soul with New Single

Born November 3rd, 1953 in Wareham, MA. Joseph Martin started playing drums at the early age of 10. A Self-taught, master of rhythm (in his own right) by his mid-teens Joseph received his first bass guitar from his brother at the age of 17. Martin began jamming to his record collection which consisted of popular music of the 60's Motown era, Sly and the family stone and James Brown to name a few. By The early 70's Joseph started Jamming with other musicians at a time when the famous bass slap and thump was just beginning take on popularity. while shaping his signature style of playing, other musicians began to take notice to the way Joseph played his bass, as if the instrument was jumping right out of his soul. During the mid and late 70's Joseph began jamming with more popular musicians from his local area such as Mike Antunes of the Beaver Brown Band, and Members of Tavares. In 1978 Joseph Martin had the opportunity to play with a group in San Diego, CA. where he had the opportunity to meet Bassist Nathan East during the early part of Nathan's career. Since returning home to South Coast Massachusetts, Mr. Martin had been playing with many different local bands through-out the 80's and 90's.

Today Joseph Martin is still "doing my thing" he says. Currently working in the studio on his solo debut on Great Moon Records, Joseph Collaborates with Alto Saxophonist Victor Valente and Blues Guitarist Calvin Jackson. Appearing on My Jazzy Soul Volume 1 (a Great Moon Record's Various artist project to be release on May 16th 2008) Joseph Martin's debut single "Thinking of you" sets off some "Funky Love" Vibes as the first single to introduce compilation.

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