Nominations for 2nd Annual "American Latino TV Awards"

The award-winning, nationally syndicated TV programs "American Latino TV" and "LatiNation" announced today, the nominees for the 2nd Annual "American Latino TV Awards, " with voting and promotion scheduled to begin this week. The "American Latino TV Awards" is a celebration of the show's historic sixth season and is highly anticipated after the success of the first ever "American Latino TV Awards" in 2007.
"American Latino TV Awards" serves to recognize excellence and achievement in the American Latino community and as a tribute to the individuals, organizations and projects that have been featured in the producers' six-season library of multi-award winning and groundbreaking television shows.

The nominees (four per category with six categories) for the unique awards show format were selected by a team of "American Latino TV" producers. This year's awards show hosts four exciting new categories: Favorite Alternative Artist, Favorite Indie Film, Favorite Extreme Athlete and Underground Fashion as well as returning categories: Favorite Indie Musical Artist(s) and Most Inspiring American Latino(s). The winners will be decided by online voting and announced during the syndicated broadcast of the "American Latino TV Awards" special, which will begin airing later this summer in over 70 cities nationwide. A promotional campaign of TV, radio, local and national print and online ads will direct viewers to which provides a detailed list of nominees, along with a short video segment of each one, and the ability to cast votes.

The nominees for each category include:

1. FAVORITE ALTERNATIVE ARTIST: Paula Baby (Pin-up Model), Danny D.
(Auto Artist/ Pin-striper), David Cortes (Action-figure Sculptor)
and Zarco Guerrero (Cultural Mask-maker.)
2. MOST INSPIRING AMERICAN LATINO: Dr. Richard Carmona (17th Surgeon
General of the U.S.), Ceja Family (Successful owners of Ceja
Vineyards), Joe Quesada (Marvel Comics Illustrator/Editor-in-Chief)
and Joe Conzo (E.M.T. and Legendary Documentary Hip Hop
3. FAVORITE INDIE FILM: "Bragging Rights" (Documentary about the
connection between Latino culture and Stickball), "Brown is the New
Green" (George Lopez hosts this documentary about media and
marketing misrepresentation of U.S. Latinos), "Antonia" (Brazilian
award-winning film), and "Shut Up and Do It" (Actor fed up with
Latino portrayals directs and stars in his own film).
4. FAVORITE INDIE MUSICAL ARTIST: Madball (Hardcore Metal Rockers),
Ladybug Mecca (Afro-Brazilian/Blues/Hip Hop fusion), Calavera
(Hardcore Punk/Psychobilly) and The Pinker Tones
5. FAVORITE EXTREME ATHLETE: Texas Rollergirls (Female Roller Derby
Team), Rey Misterio (WWE Pro Wrestler), Jonathan Tagle (Skydiver)
and Jennifer Santiago (Combat Martial Artist).
6. UNDERGROUND FASHION: Listen Clothing (Music-inspired Designs),
1 Soul Designs (Globally-minded T-shirts), Stop Staring (Vintage
Pin-up) and El Jefe Clothing (Rock/Urban Cross-cultural).

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