New English Blues

Mark Cloutier, a very talented Semi professional Guitarist From Upstate New York, and Rob Grant, a Heating engineer from Maryland, logged onto the SoundClick Musicians board last year they did not know they would end up playing on a classic English concept album.

NEW ENGLISH BLUES had its worldwide iTunes release on April 1, 2008 and
is already picking up amazing reviews round the globe. "In the Tradition of the Who's "Tommy" and Floyds seminal "Dark Side of the Moon, " this magnificent album explores the melancholy and outrage that is at the heart of the English Psyche" London Music review.

This is how it happened, JC Carroll, a London (England) based composer
musician and songwriter, was looking for people to play on his New Rock
Opera when he heard Mark's guitar playing. "I was blown away as soon as I heard him I wanted him on the album, even though I already had two really brilliant guitarists. I wanted to bring Mark's unique feel for guitar into the mix." Rob Grant, who coincidently had also worked with Cloutier, had a piece of unfinished music that he thought might appeal to JC. That piece of music went on to become "Caveman TV" one of the most outstanding tracks on the album.

Legendary post punk songwriter and performer JC Carroll last had a hit in the US with a song called "Working Girl" (with The Members) in the early
eighties. JC may only be known for "Working Girl" in the States but in the
UK, JC's Sound of the Suburbs is a modern classic as is The Members first
album "At the Chelsea Nightclub" JC has over the years worked with many US and UK legends from Johnny Thunders (New York Dolls) Dee Dee Ramone, Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) has recently specialized in writing for film and TV.

NEW ENGLISH BLUES (which has a stunning 12, 143 plays in one month and topped the charts in 5 separate genres on the influential SoundClick music
Board) is a return to his English rock roots.

If you are the type of person that mourns the death of the Classic ROCK
album this piece of work is for you, tracks seamlessly melt into each other
as the concept emerges. The way musicians from round the globe have been working together over the Internet is called collabbing, people with a
regular PC can suddenly find their musicianship is in demand on the other
side of the world. It's thanks to sites like and that this revolution in music is taking place.

NEW ENGLISH BLUES mixes Prog/Punk and Classic Rock styles to concoct a heady brew that is absolutely irresistible.

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