Drum! Interactive Struts New Orleans with Stanton Moore

Drum! Interactive is currently featuring Stanton Moore strutting, New Orleans grooves. Additionally, the issue investigates hot grooves from Mitch Mitchell. Enter Music Publishing, publishers of diverse, hip drum/percussion magazine worldwide, has made available its January 2008 Issue of Drum! In its interactive edition.
The January Issue features the second-line strut of New Orleans drummer, Stanton Moore, hot licks of Mitch Mitchell and four emerging Cowboy drummers, Myron Howell of Jake Owen's band; Tommy Bales of Flynnville Train, Steve Sinatra of Halfway to Hazard, and Jared Pope of Whiskey Falls.

Stanton Moore could be, as the old adage goes, the hardest-working drummer in the industry these days. As Drum! Interactive thoroughly investigates, Moore has a rare ability to make virtually any kind of groove "strut." He has a strong command of the traditional New Orleans style and can acclimate it to any style, from the steady grooves that propel Galactic to his solo albums where he swings poetic. As he says. "Music is a conversation. It just is."

Moving the meter back in time in "Hot Licks, " Mitch Mitchell, like Moore, has that rare ability to fuse virtually any kind of drum style and make it swing. Perhaps the first drummer to play jazz style in a rock context, Drum! Interactive focuses on some of his trademark tracks with Hendrix, such as "Voodoo Chile" and "Fire". Writer, Brad Schlueter, notes that Mitchell's contributions were essential to the drum vocabulary. Indeed.

"This issue of Drum! Interactive may be our most diverse to date, " said Phil Hood, publisher of Enter Music Publishing. "While we always try to provide editorial for drummers of all styles, I think we've really accomplished that in this issue. Of course, there's one factor that unites all of these drummers: they have a true command of their respective style."

Additional features in this issue include: "Experiment In Extemporization, " which describes how an impromptu jazz session led by studio star Luis Conte became his latest greatest. And several others that are really hip, such as "Cowboys Without Hats". Check out The "Features" section of Drum! Interactive for additional drumming edge editorial.

Other sections of this issue of Drum! Interactive include SoundLab, which reviews DW's Accent CS Custom Elite Drums. The review is highly positive considering the high quality of these drums for a mid-priced kit, according to Schlueter. Meinl's Roped Tuned Djembes and Dream Cymbals are reviewed as well. (Pages 122-126).

The issue ends as strongly as it opens with Practice Pad, highlighted by great lessons and tips, focusing on the innovative use of the paradiddle. Read on for more classic instruction.

AFounded in San Jose, CA in 1992, Enter Music Publishing, Inc. is a leading publisher of drum/percussion magazines, with distribution in 40 countries. DRUM! is the flagship publication of Enter Music Publishing, Inc. and continues to set the industry standard for editorial quality and innovation. In addition to Drum! and Drum! Interactive, the company publishes Traps and How To Play Drums.

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