J Roland Kelly Releases Second Album

J Roland Kelly is a screenwriter and sometimes alt-folk musician currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He spent the vast majority of last winter recording his second album J Roland Kelly Taunts the Process ...Into Attacking for Osipa Media.

The album is his most conventional album to date after the 2006 release J Roland Kelly, Stop Your Nursing Unless You Are Rendering Fun. That album is still considered nostalgically ahead of its time and like Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music has yet to find a place in history. There is something magical in the strong grip he has over the direction of his own career.

The second release contains everything from concertina playing in the folk European style to dirty south beat-boxing as supplied by his long time collaborator Stephen Sisemore Ph.D.(of Eddie Vedder's Guitar fame).

"Yeah, I would say the most disappointing thing about the whole recording process was the damn concertina… it just never grew on me. I'll sign it for you if you want to buy it on eBay, " said J Roland Kelly.

J Roland Kelly Taunts the Process ...Into Attacking can be purchased from Osipa Media or downloaded from ITunes,, or a number of other online music stores.

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