Oba Oba Bossa Nova!

For those that enjoy Brazilian music, isospin labs announces the release of "Infinita Bossa" with Rio de Janeiro-born vocalist Andrea Moraes Manson and O Som Do Jazz ("the sound of jazz" in English).

O Som Do Jazz members are Brazilian and U.S. jazz musicians exploring the rich palate of Brazilian music including Bossa Nova, Samba-jazz and MPB (the popular music of Brazil). The band's singer (Andrea) has a strong voice that many compare to the legendary Bossa Nova star Elis Regina.

This new release features 16 songs from the great Brazilian composers Tom Jobim, Sergio Mendes, Marcos Valle, Luiz Bonfa, Baden Powell, Carlos Lyra and others. All of the lyrics are sung in Portuguese, so that the original flow of the music is maintained.

Despite the popularity of electrobossa and Brazilian-influenced chill music in the marketplace, O Som Do Jazz chose to avoid electronics and record with live musicians. "We felt that the true spirit of the music comes alive with experienced, Brazilian & American musicians" explains Andrea. "No electronic drum sound is ever going to match the groove of a skilled Brazilian drummer".

The recording is available at Disk Union and CDBaby at

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