Michael Lington Becomes American Citizen

NuGroove Records wishes to congratulate Michael Lington on becoming an American citizen. On March 20, 2008, Michael was sworn in with 6,007 other immigrants in Los Angeles, California.

The Danish-born contemporary jazz superstar arrived in the United States in September 1990. “I am extremely proud of my Danish heritage and it will always be a big part of me, but becoming a US citizen is a milestone in my journey and I am happy and excited about my future as an American. Growing up in Europe, in a wonderful city like Copenhagen is an experience I treasure. Then, having an amazing adult life and career in the United States makes me feel like I have been given the greatest gift...the best of both worlds," said Lington.

Michael Lington has demonstrated his contemporary saxophone chops with a steady stream of chart-toppers since his debut album in 1997 under the nuGroove label. (Michael was one of the first artists signed to nuGroove and returned “home" to resign with the label in 2008.) His CD, Stay with Me, yielded three Radio & Records national jazz hits with “Show Me" at # 2; “Two of a Kind" at # 2; and “Pacifica" at # 6. Stay With Me also remained on the Billboard contemporary jazz chart for a total of 24 weeks. “Twice In A Lifetime" and “Sunset" from Vivid; and “Still Thinking of You" from Lington's Everything Must Change all went Top 5 as well. His duet with Bobby Caldwell on “Tell It Like It Is" from his self-titled debut, ascended both the jazz and adult contemporary charts.

Growing up in a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark, Michael Lington is the grandson of Otto Lington, a jazz pioneer in their tiny country, and bandleader for Shirley Bassey, Josephine Baker and Fats Waller, amongst many others. As a childhood fan of musicians like Vinnie Colaiuta, Dean Parks and Randy Waldman, Michael would replay his vinyl jazz recordings again and again, reflecting on the memories of his grandfather's era.

Little did Michael know that someday, his name would be nestled in the notes next to those of his childhood heroes in an album of contemporary classics. The rich legacy of his grandfather's jazz connection, his classical training, and a stint of touring in Europe, led him to the U.S. in 1990, and at 21, he began performing with Little Richard, Gary “U.S." Bonds and Randy Crawford. He also landed a four-year gig touring with singer Bobby Caldwell, joining the list of imminent sax players associated with the singer.

In between touring his 2007 album, Song for You, and recording his upcoming 2008 release, Lington lends his artistry to the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, which raises funds for children's music programs and provides instruments to public schools all over the U.S. Michael participates in Create Now, where he mentors troubled teens in Los Angeles and Acre's of Love, a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive services; and “forever" homes for abandoned and AIDS children in South Africa.

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