Starr Cullars "Live At B.B. King Blues Club" Available on DVD

With the House Of Blues thriving and B.B. Kings Club in Hollywood consistently booking top music acts, there is no doubt that the music scene on the Hollywood Sunset strip is alive and kicking every night of the week. As part of the resurgence of the Hollywood Strip scene, a memorable live performance by Starr Cullars is now being released worldwide on DVD and as a Video Download.

One could argue that Starr Cullars is more or less one of the main players on the strip nowadays whom can be described simply by using the words "guitar" and "rock." The home video shows an enthusiastic group of musicians playing in a legendary Sunset Strip rock and roll club. Most astonishing is the blues rock sound that is an accessible sound, yet is also some of the more difficult music to play on a six-string guitar. Starr has great harmonics with melodies played using distortion, making up the straight forward Funk Rock sound with out of this world lead progressions. When you see the live DVD, you see a band that can change your mood within a few minutes of watching the Home Video.

She's never been fully won over by the simulated atmosphere of the recording studio (though she has a new studio CD due in stores in June), and so she has great fun on stage. "I'm very pleased to say that the Live at the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill DVD was a lot of fun to make last year, " says Starr Cullars from Los Angeles. Cullars goes on to say that she is "so thankful to Angel Alamo at Alamo Records and Don Lichterman at Sunset for making this available at stores all over the world."

This DVD showcases a great night of music from the Starr Cullars Band, the same band that recorded Living Galaxy, the brand new CD due in stores on June 17th. The recorded sound for the concert had been "recorded digitally"- with excellent performances, songs which span the blues and rock genres reminiscent to the seventies and what is currently popular today. The funk" sound of yesterday coupled with rock sound of today is what makes this a great Home Video. It is an indispensable music video for fans and newcomers alike.

April 8th is the street date for the DVD. Amazon Unbox will feature the video download starting April 8th. The video will be available for rental & as an On-Demand Rental.

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