Richard Howell Quintet Celebrates Cinco De Mayo

On Monday, May 5th, 2008 San Francisco's own tenor sax maestro, Richard Howell, one of the biggest names on the San Francisco jazz scene, makes a rare hometown appearance for an unforgettable Cinco de Mayo celebration at the new Yoshi's in San Francisco's historic Fillmore District. Leader of his quintet, Mr. Howell, saxophonist, composer, international jazz history educator, performs throughout Europe with his band, Richard Howell & Sudden Changes, a combination of European and African musicians.

His prodigious skills and talents as producer, multi-instrumentalist, and charismatic vocalist, have been shared with as well as a list of musical legends musical like Babatunde Lea, Vivendo de Pao, The Mo' Rockin Project, Omar Sosa, Samba Sock, el Houssaine Kili, Embryo, Upsurge, the Supplicants to name a few. As a saxophonist, Richard has performed with Etta James, Chaka Khan, Della Reese, Don Cherry, Cecil Taylor, Willie Bobo, Angela Bofill, Narada Michael Walden, Buddy Guy, Charlie Musslewhite, the Motels, and Taj Mahal, as well as other musical artists.
Joined by E.W. Wainwright on drums, Fred Harris on piano, Gary Brown on bass and Destiny, harpist from the 'hood. The evening's theme is to demonstrate the exuberant, rich cultural heritage and definitive musical elements inherent in jazz…spontaneous creativity! The core concept will explore accessible melodies, grooves and a spiritual tribute to those who came before us.
"Streetwise yet spiritual tenor sax" All About Jazz
"The charismatic, communicative jazz saxophonist from San Francisco brings out the role of jazz as a grassroots art form…Jazz expert or not, you can internalize the emotional effect" Jazzradio 101.9 Berlin
"Viviendo de Pao is keeping the samba torch burning…featuring the superb sax/vocals of Richard Howell." Jesse "Chuy" Varela, Latin Beat
"I have the deepest respect for his musical abilities. He walks in the same path as the great ones: Joe Henderson, Don Myrick to be mentioned in the same light. I have a great belief in his talents. He will continue to make contributions in the time to come." Maurice White, founder of Earth, Wind & Fire
"Afro-Americans and Hispanics in the United States do have connections. Hispanics in Texas participated in the Underground Railroad to shuttle black slaves to freedom in Mexico. Independence leaders, Vicente Guerrero and Jose Maria Morelos had black roots. Vicente Guerrero was Mexico's first Black Indian President.", states Richard, "Cinco de Mayo, is an evening to remember all, because we are all connected, so we must treat each other right."

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