Hill Briggs Releases Indie Jazz Single "Donít Stop Me Now"

Hill Briggs has just released the single "Don't Stop Me Now" from his highly anticipated forthcoming Album Hill Briggs and Friends. The single features Ronnie Mc Neir (The Four Tops) on vocals and Dona Gardier (James Taylor quartet) on backing vocals. Hill Briggs wrote all the music and played all the instruments live with the exception of the keyboard solo in the middle played by Mc Neir. The lyrics were written by Dusty and Jill Miller.

Hill comments, "I think this song shows a very different side to Ronnie's voice and singing talents. And he plays a beautifully melodic fender Rhodes solo in the middle." Hills writing and playing creates a lovely platform for Ronnie and Donna to express themselves. The album Hill Briggs and Friends anticipates a release date in April 2008.

Hill Briggs has worked with some of the top names in the music business as a producer and musician and has decided it is now time to take his own show to the studio and record then hit the road to entertain the masses with his great jazz tunes.

Hill Briggs and Friends has a collection of guest singers and musicians including singers who are featured on the album. Malay Ce Ce Zen, Claire Simone, Emma Cantons, Uha, Darnell Kendricks, and Nyee Moses step in the studio to help Hill fulfill his musical endeavors.

More information is available on the MSLP website at, including updates and more regarding the current recording session. You can contact Hill Briggs or his Manager Nja at

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