Larry Gelb releases his new album

Composer, lyricist and pianist who introduced I'll Remember Love The Larry Gelb Songbook Volume I is now expressing his wonderful talent through jazz. The new jazz album entitled Song for Pickles is a compilation of twelve great new tunes composed by Larry Gelb. "Pickles", a funky bossa is a track dedicated to the Gelb's Jack Russell Terrier Pickles to commemorate her on her journey from Arkansas to New Jersey on the puppy bus, which was written in 60s Blue Note style.

Song For Pickles is classic 60's jazz quartet music with beautiful solos by Dick Oatts on flute/tenor/soprano/and alto sax, Matt Wilson on drums and Cameron Brown on bass creatively add to the almost orchestral texture of the groups interaction. Broadway vocalist Amy Justman sings on several tracks with lyrics. Oatts' solos range from Rollinesque on "ON THE HUDSON" to Shorterish on "WALTZ FOR MADAME" CHALOFF to spiritual Coltrane on "THE CAVE OF MACH PALEH." On "THE HONEYMOONERS NOW" 'track Mr. Gelb plays a swinging Sonny Clarkish-Ed Nortonish piano solo.

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