Shirley Bassey's 'Get The Party Started' out March 18

Dame Shirley Bassey's new CD 'Get The Party Started' (Decca) is out March 18, and according to the April issue of Harp Magazine, Bassey does such an outstanding job on the title track that the song now belongs to her: "Pink should be green with envy; Bassey now owns this song."

The Harp review continues, The imposingly perfect, booming clarity of Shirley Bassey's voice on the operatic 'Goldfinger' is as instantly recognizable today as any song from the 1960s. So to hear her start her new high-profile comeback album, chillingly resonant voice intact, by singing Pink's "Get this party started on a Saturday night/ Everybody's waiting for me to arrive" is beyond post-modern irony. It makes you want to stand up and shout, "Damn, the Dame really is back!"

The song is impacting at radio as well: Chris Cox' three remixes of "Get The Party Started" are moving up the Billboard dance charts, peaking at #6 this week. Furthermore, Bassey's interview with host Scott Simon will air on NPR's Weekend Edition this coming Saturday.

'Get The Party Started' features remixes of some of Bassey's most beloved classic tunes, her version of the title track, and Never The Bride's original song "The Living Tree", which Harp considers "so good, one wishes for all-new material."

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