Eddie Benitez New CD "Lovers never say goodbye"

The wait is nearly over. Lovers Never Say Goodbye, the long-awaited new CD from Eddie Benitez is coming April 8, 2008. Released on Benitez's own Indie label, TiaraMuzik, the CD is a milestone in a long and legendary career. Lovers Never Say Goodbye is Benitez at his peak, with his sensuous guitar unleashed on 7 deeply satisfying new cuts, all written and produced by the artist. The heavens have smiled on fans everywhere with this release as Benitez lifts the curtain on what he's been up to in the studio. Lovers Never Say Goodbye raises Nu Jazz to a new level of sophistication and sensuality, something only an artist of his caliber and mastery could accomplish. It's been worth the wait. The CD blends Nu Jazz with a taste of his famous Latin grooves and pops with his work as a master percussionist in addition to his legendary guitar.

What makes a legend? On stage and dazzling audiences since the age of 14, an age at which he also earned his first gold record with his band Nebula, and performances throughout his career with a who's who of jazz illuminati, the legend is that of a remarkable talent whose guitar playing is singularly unique and iconic. And now with this new CD, fans will hear Benitez as never before, guaranteeing his place in the annals of jazz. This is legacy and legend in the making.

"Lovers Never Say Goodbye, " the title cut, is a heartfelt tribute to the belief that when love is real, the lovers will never part. It is lush and intricate, a rainforest of sound that has a purity to it.

"Flight to heaven" will do just that—take you away to a place of joy on the wings of angels. This song was inspired by a vision of a heavenly boarding area and masses of people awaiting their final flight to a beautiful place of peace. The song has surprising shifts and currents that fuel the flight, one minute gently lifting you toward the heavens, the next minute firing a guitar blast with uncanny clarity that propels you yet higher, where you will find yourself suddenly moving to Latin rhythms and dancing your way through the Pearlys. This is a taste of bliss.

A stellar example of the blend of sensuality and spirituality is "New Generation." This cut gives us Eddie's fire-breathing guitar in an energy laden hotpot of sensuality mixed with powerful spirituality. Then there is the glorious "Beautiful Sunrise" where Benitez's guitar seems to music what the sun is to light and life.

Discovery Channel & Eddie Benitez
Rounding out the CD lineup is "A Haunting, " music composed for the episode of the Discovery Channel's series by the same name which featured the story of Eddie Benitez's own haunting experience, called "Casa de los Muertos, " in which his son, Eddie Jr., became possessed. This episode originally aired in October 2007 and is re-airing periodically on the Discovery Channel.

Angels on My Stage
The spirituality of Eddie Benitez's music goes hand in hand with his spiritual gift of sight that has allowed him to see angels and spirits since childhood. More recently, others claim to have seen angels on the stage when he performs. The Lovers Never Say Goodbye CD is about to propel a world tour for Benitez in which anything could happen—this tantalizing, sensuous music will captivate audiences, and quite possibly, angels may appear!

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