Eva Simontacchi's Album "Pure Ecstasy" Has Just Been Released

Splasc(H) Records, released "Pure Ecstasy", Eva Simontacchi's album recorded with E.S.P. Trio - Attilio Zanchi (double-bass), Roberto Cipelli (piano), Gianni Cazzola (drums) and talented trumpet & flugelhorn player Gendrickson Mena at the end of February 2008. The album's tracklist includes some of the most significant jazz standards chosen from the American songbook, and three original songs composed by Roberto Cipelli (Pure Ecstasy and You Lighten Up My Life) and Attilio Zanchi (Some gershwin Air). Eva Simontacchi wrote the English lyrics to the three songs.

Luciano Federighi says "... The result of teaming up with one of the most prestigious, refined line-ups on the European jazz scene, "Pure Ecstasy" reveals the sheer talent, the culture and at the same time the laudable humility of a singer who leaves her partners the spaces they need to invent and improvise, preferring to focus on her role as the song's singer; a role that has been palyed nobly in the course of jazz history by such sublime canaries as Lee Wiley and Peggy lee, Lurlean Hunter and jeri Southern. In addition to Mercer, Eva Simontacchi also pays tribute to other classical songwriters such as Cole Porter, Harry Warren, Isham Jones, Victor Young, Billy Strayhorn and our very own Bruno Martino..... and she does it with a relaxed, colloquial pronunciation (and it's far from easy to tackle a song like "Lush Life" with such a simple, straightforward approach), with the remarkable clarity of diction that she brings to her crystalline, pearly instrument and a thoroughly personal sense of discovery, of emotional surprise, sometimes shot through with a vein od sadness, but always lightened by a sunny smile. To her role as an alert, elegant singer, Eva also competently adds that of a lyricist in her own right, stitching elegantly, dreamily eloquent lyrics into the priceless melodies composed by Roberto Cipelli and Attilio Zanchi."

Eva Simontacchi's album "Pure Ecstasy" is available at JAZZOS.COM

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