Omara Portuondo - Lagrimas Negras: Canciones Y Boleros CD

This double CD, “Lgrimas Negras (Black Tears), Canciones y Boleros", is the result of an interpretive creation full of feeling, intimacy, and naturalness. Omara returned to the Latin American popular classics, with a difficult to imagine ensemble consisting of Enriqueta Almanza's piano and that of the great Rubn Gonzlez, Richard Eges's flute, the bass of “Cachato", or the “Greco" and the “Guajiro" Mirabal's art in unraveling the mysteries of the brass instruments, in addition to Amadito Valds's paila with AfroCuban rhythms and the tasty percussion of Hernn Corts, Roberto Garca, and Osvaldo Rodrguez, without forgetting Martn Rojas's magnificent guitar.

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