Bossabrasil Festival: "From Ipanema to New York"

The sounds of Brasil are returning to Birdland with the BossaBrasil Festival (April 15 - 19), launched in '07 to great success, produced by Pat Philips and Ettore Stratta who have a long history of working with Brazilian music.

This year features Grammy Award winning master Pianist/Composer/ Producer, CESAR CAMARGO MARIANO with his Trio and renowned Vocalist/Guitarist/Composer, JOAO BOSCO, joined by the beautiful sound of Saxist, HARRY ALLEN.

JOAO BOSCO is acclaimed world-wide for his special musical creations which have a very personal signature. His voice, full of soul, still sings Brazil's melodies with the blood of African slaves in his veins and weeps melodic songs from his Lebanese ancestors. This ethnic mix makes Joao Bosco a very eclectic artist.

Born in the state of Minas Geraes, he moved to Rio where he was introduced to Jobim, Chico Buarque, Bossa Nova. During the 1970', together with poet Aldir Blanc, Joao composed a vast repertoire, recorded first time by superstar artists Elis Regina and now considered classics.

CESAR CAMARGO MARIANO appears this year with his Trio. Mariano, famous for his ability to 'swing', compose, produce and arrange, will perform with a Trio, which was a large part of the history of his early life and prominence in Brazil. As a renowned artist, he has worked with everyone from Elis Regina to Gal Costa, to Simone, Jobim....and so many other greats. His contemporary concepts focus on harmony and arrangement and the musicians' performance as a combination rather than the concept of much soloing.

He appears with his son, MARCELO MARIANO on bass who has a technique and style that falls within the modern-day “Samba Jazz" and “Funk," playing with a very rich rhythmic and harmonic base. JURIM MOREIRA, one of the most in-demand drummers of Brazil performs with all the greats such as Gal Costa and other stars. His simplistic and melodic techniques are very creative and immaculate.

At Birdland, the sounds of Brasil, virtuosity, special compositions, and beautiful vocalizing will take centerstage. BossaBrasil presents a rare combination of some of Brazil's most acclaimed musicians.

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