Barb Jungr's Tribute to Nina Simone

"Just Like a Woman" is Barb Jungr's hymn to the late, legendary Nina Simone. This beautiful, haunting and reflective album comprises eleven songs famously interpreted by the great singer - a voice with whom she has often been compared. Like her mentor, Jungr is truly a singer who lives life through her work. This release is backed by an extensive UK tour - see attached sheet for details. She has just returned from New York where she collected the Nitelife Award for Outstanding Cabaret Vocalist 2008.

For this recording, Barb surrounded herself with some of the UK's finest musicians, including Danny Thompson on bass and Mark Lockheart on saxophone and clarinets. The songs are imaginatively arranged and are performed throughout with lan and a moving lightness of touch.

Highlights include a gorgeous rendition of “Lilac Wine", a robust take on “The Times They Are a-Changin'" and a floor-filling jazz-dance version of “Feeling Good".

Co-produced by the Blue Nile producer Calum Malcolm, jazz instrumentation and a straight ahead sensibility blend with Jungr's knowing interpretations to powerful effect.

Jungr is perhaps most famous for her re-workings of Bob Dylan songs.

Released on Linn Records - Monday 10 March, 2008.

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