Mike McCarroll Releases Debut Indie Release At The Crossroads

Mike McCarroll has spent the better part of his life working hard every day to raise a family and become a successful independent business owner. Along the way, he picked up a guitar, started writing songs, and eventually when the kids left the nest and he was comfortable enough financially, he headed to the studio with a band to fulfill a lifetime dream.

A lifetime of ambitions, feelings and emotion reached its fruition for Mike McCarroll when he completed his debut indie release At The Crossroads. The title encapsulates the life of a man who was literally at the crossroads of his life at middle age. This is just the beginning, being middle aged or the current life situation has nothing to do with where he is traveling now. Your music can take you anywhere; the possibilities are wide open in this new age of digital technology and distribution and Mike embraces that fully. Realizing the opportunity now available to an independent is the first step to success.

At The Crossroads features McCarroll singing with passion and grace and powerful heartfelt words. He plays some blistering guitar lines…pumping out blues, rock and country licks to give the album an overall atmosphere that touches upon life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Everyone can relate to something covered on the CD one way or another.

After listening to At The Crossroads you will walk away feeling that you just listened to a friend tell a story and during that tale, you felt the blood, sweat and tears right along with the storyteller. It always helps when you have some blood pumping foot stomping blues-rock to drive it along and this music is no exception.

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